Driving Lessons Service


Obey’s Driving School has variate of driving lessons services packages that are sure to satisfied every customer’s needs. All our packages are cost effective.

  •   Learners licence
  •   Code 8, & 10 
  •   Bookings

Code 08

The benefit of doing the Code 08 drivers’ licence is that by the time you passed the test you would have mastered the necessary skills and you would be safer on the road. With all the intensive training of code 8 for light motor vehicle you should be quite confident in your abilities

Set a great benchmark for yourself and obtain drivers licence, come for driving lesson, Obey`s Driving School is ready to help you realise that dream.

Code 10

The training and test requirements for the Code 10 drivers’ licence are not as intense as with the Code 08 drivers’ licence, making it easier for majority to opt for Code 10 drivers’ licence and later seek training on Code 08.

Licence Test Drive Bookings

After all the hard work of learning K53, understanding of the car and mastering the actual driving, come the stress of having to book the drivers` licences test. Obey`s Driving School will take care of that; all you must do is show up at traffic department for your big day.

Based on the regular driving sessions and from our assessment, we are to advise you learner is ready for driver’s licence test or not.

  • You have a learners licence & you can drive. Click here to request quote
  • You have a learners licence & you cannot drive. Click here to request quote
  • You do not have a learners licence & you cannot drive. Click here to request quote

        B. Booking & Truck hire

  • We provide booking assistance
  • We have truck & car hire service for testing

“Speak to a driving school that guarantees you not just a driving licence but adequate driving lessons to help you understand rules of the road and to stay cautious on the road”

Obeys Driving School is flexible when it comes to lesson schedules, we understand the busy schedule that people undergo, hence we also offer pick up and drop off service for free. We offering comprehensive and cost effective driving lesson packages.